Definition of validly in English:


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  • 1With a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonably.

    ‘we cannot validly infer a moral conclusion from nonmoral premises’
    • ‘how can we validly and reliably assess students' professional development?’
    • ‘In his book of laboured and often twisted arguments, the far-left philosopher validly makes this point along with countless invalid ones.’
    • ‘The story ultimately required him to produce performances, situations, and intentions that could be validly interpreted in two different ways.’
    • ‘From any such adverbially qualified sentence, we can validly infer a sentence from which one or more of the adverbial qualifiers has been detached.’
    • ‘If moral terms have descriptive meaning in addition to their non-cognitive element, one should be able to validly argue in the other direction.’
    • ‘Atwood validly draws a connection between Chopin and Delacroix in their hatred of romantic anarchy and disorder.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is legally binding or officially acceptable.
      ‘she did not validly consent to the marriage’
      • ‘they want everything done legally and validly’
      • ‘Without a validly signed will, your property will pass to various relatives in the percentages set by Texas law.’
      • ‘It empowers him to include previous failures in a validly served notice.’
      • ‘A validly licensed copy of Windows ensures that you will receive ongoing updates.’
      • ‘You can't divorce unless you were validly married to begin with.’
      • ‘If a lawmaker has validly exercised his power, the court may give effect to the law validly made.’



/?val?dlē/ /?v?l?dli/