Meaning of off-board in English:



  • Relating to or denoting hardware or software that does not form an integral part of a computer.

    ‘Often, autonomy for robots is set at par with being mobile without an umbilical cord that connects the robot to a power supply and sometimes to an off-board computer.’
    • ‘We like that it wasn't another off-board database that we'd have to manage or something that was going to become part of the machine itself.’
    • ‘This compute capability is teamed with very high on- and off-board interconnect bandwidth.’
    • ‘Also, off-board diagnosis is appropriately characterized as fault-class discrimination, where the classes comprise the faults of the various smallest replaceable units.’
    • ‘All of the services are going to exist on the server and you're going to access it from a minimal electronic set on the car so it's going to be off-board.’