Meaning of kero in English:


Pronunciation /?k?r??/


mass nouninformal Australian, New Zealand
  • Kerosene.

    • ‘the kero cost a small fortune and we could only have one lamp lit’
    • ‘It cost less to produce than petrol, but being less volatile, kero has to be heated before entering the combustion chamber.’
    • ‘Where the heck did I leave my kero for the torches again?’
    • ‘He just passes the kero to Philip, and again the fire rages.’
    • ‘Time to break out the effigies and kero.’
    • ‘Well, kero was an old-fashioned treatment that worked with a bang as we discovered for ourselves when out on nursing calls.’
    • ‘I make jokes about bathing in kero for nasty crawly rashes, even though there was a case years ago about nursing home residents being bathed in it to treat scabies.’
    • ‘Pours a little kero on the conspiracy fire, though, doesn't it?’
    • ‘Some of these engines pumped water, while even more burbled away on kero and did. .. something.’
    • ‘Grandma dragged out the old tin bath, sat each kid in it, and treated the outbreak with kero.’
    • ‘Recycle beer or other decorative bottles into tumblers by soaking a piece of garden twine in kero and tying around the bottle at the point you want to separate.’


Early 20th century abbreviation of kerosene.