Meaning of hi-fi in English:


Pronunciation /?h??f??/

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  • Relating to the reproduction of music or other sound with high fidelity.

    ‘hi-fi equipment’
    • ‘a hi-fi magazine’
    • ‘In the course of the night there will be a draw for a number of very attractive prizes including a colour TV, microwave and hi-fi music centre.’
    • ‘The pocket-sized WiFi base station is designed to stream music through a home hi-fi amplifier.’
    • ‘The lounge was empty, apart from Ailsa sitting in the corner wearing a pair of headphones and listening to music on the hi-fi system.’
    • ‘A series of pulse transformers designed to improve the balance of transmitter and receiver circuitry in hi-fi equipment and video games is now available from Newport Components.’
    • ‘The signal-jamming equipment is packed into two wall-mounted boxes the size of small hi-fi speakers.’
    • ‘Older, wealthier folk tend to be happy to buy hi-fi kit and would generally rather listen to music from the comfort of the armchair than hunched up in front of a PC.’
    • ‘The apartments are furnished with every long-stay requirement considered, including grounded power points for secure use of computers and hi-fi equipment.’
    • ‘For example, a firm that produces specialist hi-fi equipment would have difficulty in selling such goods to a mass market due to the highly specialized specifications of the product and the high price at which it is sold.’
    • ‘Size and exterior are quite important here as a HTPC system is not to be placed on a PC desk, but rather on the same stand with home hi-fi audio/video equipment.’
    • ‘If the item is well out of your reach, such as a new computer or piece of hi-fi equipment, why not negotiate a deal with your teen to pay for part of it if they are willing to save up and contribute a certain amount?’
    • ‘There might have been a case for this before the days of hi-fi recording, but now we no longer need music for its own sake.’
    • ‘The EPC is designed to work alongside consumer electronics devices such as big screen TVs and hi-fi speaker rigs, rather than sit in the corner next to a monitor.’
    • ‘The last time I ordered video dubs, I made a point of telling the salesman that the tapes needed to be hi-fi stereo and he was insulted.’
    • ‘Despite a trim silhouette, this mini CD / amplifier combo is so good that even high-end hi-fi systems risk being KO'd by its talents.’
    • ‘The emphasis throughout is on rest and relaxation - all rooms have surround-sound hi-fi systems, adjustable mood lighting and bathtubs big enough for two.’
    • ‘We distributed CDs through reps who called on mom-and-pop hi-fi stores.’
    • ‘Items like TVs, hi-fi systems and DVD players could be tagged using the system so that if they are moved from their normal position the police are alerted.’
    • ‘Evelyn muttered something under her breath and walked over to her sister's hi-fi system and switched the power off.’
    • ‘There have been hi-fi units equipped with hard drives, but nothing beats a personal computer for ripping and managing an audio collection.’
    • ‘The most obvious problem was that the bar's hi-fi speakers were situated on the second floor, right next to the diners.’


  • A set of equipment for playing recorded music in high-fidelity sound.

    ‘I bought him a new hi-fi for Christmas’
    • ‘In contrast, the price of equipment like TVs, hi-fis, radios and personal stereos has fallen - and now cost barely a quarter of what you paid for them 15 years ago.’
    • ‘They have seized thousands of pounds worth of property including televisions, videos, hi-fis, jewellery and mobile phones.’
    • ‘For example, children and teenagers tend to make their own living space in their bedrooms with personal entertainment in the form of computers, TVs, DVDs and hi-fis.’
    • ‘Insurance cover is worth considering - especially for items such as hi-fis, bikes and computers.’
    • ‘A large flat-screen TV, complete with VCR, media player, and a hi-fi was placed on the bookshelves.’


1930s abbreviation of high fidelity.