Meaning of exhaustiveness in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡ?z??st?vn?s/ /?ɡ?z??st?vn?s/


See exhaustive

‘The international architectural community is bound to profit from the lessons conveyed by this exhibition, which covers with admirable exhaustiveness a subject vitally pertinent to the present day.’
  • ‘Although advanced as a first, tentative approach, the proposal is presented very systematically, with clear ambitions to generality and exhaustiveness of the field.’
  • ‘To point out this incompleteness is not to criticize Lyotard: his book is no treatise, no scientific biography; it has no aspiration to exhaustiveness.’
  • ‘The sheer exhaustiveness of these lists can lead to odd situations when one player is granted an exception and another isn't.’
  • ‘Their exhaustiveness in regard to the latter, however, is insufficient.’